End-User License Agreement

Please read this End-User License Agreement carefully before accepting it [before You start expoits ours products (ed.)] by clicking the ʻI agreeʼ button.

This is End-User License Agreement (ʻEULAʼ).

This Agreement is a legal document between You (ʻthe Userʼ) and the STUDIO BLOK company (ʻthe Companyʼ) and it governs the User use of making available of applications, video games, programs, related improvements and updates (ʻthe Productʼ) provided currently and in the future by the Company.

The Product is licensed, not sold, by the Company to the User for use strictly in accordance with its (EULA) terms.

Installation or using the product means the User accepts and undertakes to abide by the terms of this EULA license and the Privacy Policy – an integral part of EULA license (available here: https://studioblok.eu/puzzle/privpolicy.html) at any time: installing, copying, downloading, accessing, or using the Product in other modes the User agrees to its terms. If You don't agree with these EULA terms do not install, do not access, do not use the Product.

1. Scope of EULA

The Product is accessed only for the personal exploit, under therms this non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable, limited, unsaleable, non-commercial, EULA license, licensed by the Company to the User, until the time of canceling this EULA by the User or by the Company. The User cannot give access to the Product, or this EULA for other persons for commercial purposes in any case.

The User cannot, directly or indirectly: sell, rent, lend, lease, host, outsource, expose, distribute, assign, license, transmit, trade, or exploit the Product for commercial purpose, as well the User cannot: decompile, adapt, disassemble, multiply or create derivative works on the Product base.

The User cannot: remove, obscure, alter, change or avoid copyrights and trademarks or other proprietary notice about authors, the Product's origin and its content, about the company and/or its affiliates, suppliers, partners, licensors e.t.c.

The User cannot: create, use, gives access, and/or publish in any way related to the Product no materials, as texts, words, images, sounds, movies, e.t.c.) which would violate the obligation to retain intellectual property rights.

2. Property

All rights, legal titles, and intellectual property rights of the Product and its content (including all texts, images, graphics, animations, sounds, videos, audiovisual effects) are reserved and belong or are permitted for the Company.

The Product is protected by national and international regulations, the Intelectual Property Law and conventions, and other acts.

This EULA confers no right or property title to the Product and cannot be understood as sale any rights to the Product.

3. Excluding warranties liability

The User confirms that is using the Product at your own risk. The Product is delivered 'as is' and 'as available', to the extent permitted by applicable law.

The Company excludes any guarantees, warranty conditions related to compliance, actuality, implicit and implied warranty terms and no breach, the trade value of the Product, its suitability for specific purposes, and satisfaction of the User. Additionally, the Company does not guarantee, that the Product will be free from mistakes and errors and that these errors will be improved, and the Product will be free from viruses or other harmful elements.

The User agrees to be responsible at all for the choice of the Product, also for installation, using and results in the effect of using the Product.

To the extent permitted by applicable law, the Company, in any case, will be not responsible for damages or losses related to the use of the Product.

4. Term and termination of EULA

This EULA is valid from the date of purchase, downloading, or begining using the Product by a user until the termination day.

The User or the Company can terminate this EULA at any time and for whatever reason. Termination of the agreement by an initiative of the Company will be effective when the Product is withdrawn from the offer and/or when ceased to support it.

5. Changes in the Product and this EULA

The Company reserves the right to changes, updates, modifications some of the provisions of this EULA in case related to safety, law, the best practice, or regulations.

The Company can modify the Product for any reason, at any time, at its own consideration, especially from technical reasons, as actualization, restoration activities to improve, and/or for optimization of the Product, without the separate agreement of the User.


The provisions of this agreement are separable, and invalidation of any of them shall not affect the binding force of the others.

This EULA is subject to the Polish laws, excluding its conflicts of law rules, and the User understands and accepts, that legal disputes will be judged according to the jurisdiction of courts over the seats of the Company (Warsaw, Poland).

7. Contact

The Block Puzzle applications are produced by the Company:

Studio Blok
Warsaw, Poland

Should you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions of this EULA, please don't hesitate contact Us by email: TheBlockPuzzle [at] gmail [dot] com

November 12th, 2022